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After the faction, or, on affective networks

"Networks for the sharing of tactics and knowledge about specific sites of contest have been the order of militant struggle since the disintegration of the new economic fantasy."

There is no ideal archive. The enormity of the archive, its bureaucratization, its excessive compulsiveness obscure like so many ruses. Any close examination of a document betrays the fingers that touch, the hands that clasp and the bodies that press themselves into proximity. Hence the destruction of the archive -- or its odious theft -- is experienced on the level of murder. Not a murder of things, but the murder of objects that stare at each other, attend each other, amuse each other, infuriate each other in a theatre of movement.

When, in 2004, Ultra-red the group reinvented itself as an organization, it did so in response to a growing realization that its members related to each other less as a singular unit but as agents in a spatial operation. Political activists, artists and organizers hardwired together for the purpose of both dialog and the production of a space where dialog can occur. The medium was the acoustic sphere. Voices of bodies conducted in words and far in excess of words.

This interaction of conversation and spatial construction raised the issue, typically occluded from political discourse: What of the political implications of affect? From Ultra-red's cooperation with the Union de Vecinos, Kanak Attak, the Ballymun Women's Recourse Center to the performances of Jack Tactic, the inevitable response arrives. Rarely has a political conversation been so infused with affect. Not just a sense of anger or joy, but shame and loss. Perhaps it is parcel with the acoustic sphere that feeling cuts through and against signification. Perhaps it is an effect of mobilizing the record.

However we theorize affect and its political implications, the necessity of the network remains emphatic (and inadequate to the demand). With that urgency in mind, the organization indexes its members, allies and collaborators. Different from a simple page of links to friends and admirers, the following pages offer contact information for those aligned with Ultra-red past and present. Ultra-red invokes its network as an action in and of itself. It is the posterior possibility given evidence in the record.

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