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Articles of Incorporation

PR No. 2.01 "Articles of Incorporation"
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Institutions are best destroyed not reformed, says the ancient wisdom of founding fathers long muted. Yet even this, a radical sentiment on its surface, conceals a convenient and discrete lack. What should one make of the institution of destruction and negation? The political-aesthetic project of the avant-garde has long danced on the balance between Dionysian negation and an affirmative gesture. For Ultra-red, sound activists from Los Angeles, the scale of that dance expanded in its tenth year, 2004. Reconstituting itself from a band of four to a larger organization international in scope, Ultra-red set about documenting its own transformation in a series of texts culled under the title "Articles of Incorporation." Enlisting the support of a prestigious Advisory Board, Ultra-red drafted a new constitution for itself both in sounds and in words. The sounds construct an alternative historical record for the group, while textually, the "Articles of Incorporation." plot an alternative future: respectful and, necessarily, disrespectful; hopeful and, necessarily, skeptical.

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 Press Release
Item: Press Release 2-01PR.DOC
Format: DOC (Microsoft Word File)
Size: 35K
Description: "Articles of Incorporation" press release. November 1, 2004.


 The Wire
Item: Review 2-01wire.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 396K
Description: "Articles of Incorporation" review by Anne Hilde Neset in The Wire (UK). Issue 250, December, 2004.

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