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TRANSISTORS, or, acoustic cultures of transference resisters and empire deserters

PR No. 2.02 "Transistors"
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PR No. 2.02.008
Release Date: December 1, 2006

Artist: Union de Vecinos
Title: Plaza Mariachi
Series: Transistors

This album features an edit of the original hour-long soundscape composed for the Oasis Sonoro exhibit in Mexico City by Ultra-red's Elizabeth Blaney and Leonardo Vilchis. Using the sound of mariachi musicians looking for work in La Ciudad's Bellas Artes, this composition celebrates the mariachis of Mexico and East Los Angeles as heralds of labor and the autonomy of migration.

01.  Mariachis
Item: Audio File 2-02-008-01.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 7,283K

02.  Música
Item: Audio File 2-02-008-02.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 7,527K

03.  Mercado
Item: Audio File 2-02-008-03.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 8,078K

04.  Operativos
Item: Audio File 2-02-008-04.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 8,374K

05.  Arte
Item: Audio File 2-02-008-05.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 4,710K

06.  Espacio
Item: Audio File 2-02-008-06.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 5,608K

Item: CD Insert (Part 1) 2-02-008.jpg
Format: JPEG (RGB full-color)
Size: 2,924K
Description: High-resolution image for full-color printing.

Item: CD Insert (Part 2) 2-02-008.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 464K
Description: Two page document of annotations and comments.

 Press Release
Item: Press Release 2-02-008PR.doc
Format: DOC (Microsoft Word File)
Size: 32K
Description: Union de Vecinos "Plaza Mariachi" press release. December 1, 2006.

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to create your own copy of this release, download the files above to your local hard drive. You can then create a CDR of the audio files, and print the graphics file to make your own CD cover art. For best playback results, when burning a CDR of this album eliminate the spaces between tracks by setting the default pause between tracks to zero (0) seconds.

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