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The Debt

PR No. 2.03 "The Debt"
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In February 2003, Los Angeles-based electronic musicians and sound artists Ultra-red began a year-long project in the Dublin Ireland council housing estate of Ballymun. Titled The Debt, the project was a series of collective reflections that brought together residents from the public housing communities of Ballymun in Dublin and East Los Angeles' own Pico Aliso. The purpose of these encounters was to compare and contrast experiences with regeneration of social housing. This twelve-disc archive compiles audio, textual and visual materials generated as part of The Debt. Given the dramatic changes in Ballymun, this archive is an echo of one moment in time and place, filtered through a specific exchange of experiences, ideas and questions. Given the paucity of materials in Ballymun detailing the history of community and social struggles, Ultra-red present this archive as a way of giving audition to what we have come to know as The Debt.

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