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The Debt

PR No. 2.03 "The Debt"
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PR No. 2.03.011
Release Date: December 1, 2004

Artist: Ultra-red
Title: The Debt
Series: The Debt

In the spirit of their seminal "Structural Adjustments" album, the "The Debt" finds Ultra-red bending their collective ear to the struggles around housing once again. This time the location is the massive Ballymun housing estate in Dublin, Ireland. Ultra-red at their most electro-acoustic: contemplative, abstract, and haunting.

01.  Value Form of Participation
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-01.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 6,120K

02.  The Debt (Themes)
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-02.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 9,464K

03.  Beneath the Green
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-03.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 11,911K

04.  Temporary Amenities
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-04.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 11,388K

05.  Against a Natural History of Wind
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-05.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 12,958K

06.  Return (Beyond the Pale)
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-06.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 10,985K

07.  Interior Design
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-07.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 9,378K

08.  One Door Down
Item: Audio File 2-03-011-08.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 1,117K

Item: CD Insert 2-03-011.jpg
Format: JPEG (RGB full-color)
Size: 630K
Description: High-resolution image for full-color printing.

 Press Release
Item: Press Release 2-03-011PR.DOC
Format: DOC (Microsoft Word File)
Size: 30K
Description: "The Debt" press release. May 1, 2005.

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